Rules Release Part 3

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Rules Release Part 3

Today we have Perks and changes to economic disciplines. Everything else is nearing completion to the point where we feel fairly confident we will meet our deadline of next week. Assuming that we do, obviously much of this will be in a playtest phase and so things are likely to be tweaked in the future as breaks are found or if something is felt to be underpowered. We will want feedback from players throughout to assure the system is as good as it can be.

One of the things we have been trying to accomplish since the introduction of heroes and villains expansion is to increase variability amongst characters mechanically. We've done this in the past with path swap out skills. This time we are doing this with the master hero point skills, hero point perks, and second level discipline swap out skills. The economic disciplines will all have a second level swap out skill, though we haven't released those yet. Disciplines are about 90% complete and we will release them with the rest of the disciplines next week.

So what's left? As mentioned, the disciplines, including craftsman, more specific rules for magic and alchemy, and starting equipment. Those will all be released in Rules Release Part 4, as well as a list of any rules that may have been tweaked within Rules Releases 1-3 in response to feedback given. We will give insight into how spells and potions are being converted into the new system as well. The final rule book is being edited as we go but may not be in a ready state by the 1st, but the content of the book will be in Rules Releases 1-4.

I think that's it for now. As always, let us know of any concerns you might have.


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Re: Rules Release Part 3

A lot of the hero point actions seem underwhelming considering their cost. . .but I am happy to see hero points interacting more within the system and even though I consider the effects weak there are plenty of other options that I can use hero points on that I consider to be much better so simply having these as extra does not bother me.

I don't have the behind the scenes paperwork but I have never looked favorably on disciplines (or anything for that matter) that try to split between aspects of the game. money system and combat is about as split as you can get and I feel these disciplines will always remain at best a niche and at worst a trap. but just like hero point skills there are enough disciplines that these can be in the game and not effect me, and FH is a fast advance system so when the money guy who thinks he is a fighter inevitably dies in combat he wont have long before has able to contribute as a new character :P

did you seriously add component tags to every resource? FH was at a point were it could reduce the amount of resources (and the out of game $$$ that comes with printing them) and you added more? all it does is make coin better because of its simplicity.
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Re: Rules Release Part 3

Suggestion, I would love to see hunter gatherer forage changed back to a resource tag like food and/or hide. It makes more sense thematically.
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Re: Rules Release Part 3

i feel that the forage skill was useful as is even with the changes to the economic system unless the wealth levels are being removed completely the resources that hunter gatherers bring in are still useful
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Re: Rules Release Part 3

I am OUTRAGED that you staff would post new rules that are so totally devoid of any changes worthy of me raging over. Its sad and unacceptable and I demand you change something in the next 48 hours worthy of a tirade or serious, serious actions will be taken...believe you me!



Choose 1 Primary and 1 Secondary resource OR 1 Mystic resource at the beginning of each event that you managed to scavenge during your downtime. (Max. 1 time)

No gripe, just curious why mystic still seems to hold more value than a single 'primary" resource. as I understand it its not a big deal for magic item upkeep anymore. will it have a special value in spell casting?

May carry 3 additional resources on your person. (Max. 1 time)

Just to clarify, this takes a PC to 13 items or 18 with a class one, yes?

Diverse Training:
Grants you the ability to purchase a Level 1 Discipline from a different lifestyle

is the restriction for level one financial skills intentionally removed at this point?

While carrying another character, you may move at any speed.
You may now carry 2 people at one time rather than only one

Just curious if there can be used at the same time (carry 2 people at full speed)

Fast Healer:
Recover 1 Life Point every 30 Minutes while resting.
Essence Sponge:
Recover 1 Essence Point every 30 Minutes while resting.

were these intended to essentially be a free, self only, basic path skill? seems more bang for the buck than the typical perk no?

Gain 5 Silver at check-in. (Max. 1 time)
Filthy Rich:
Gain 5 Silver at check-in - Must have Rich Perk (Max. 1 time)

Just going on record as saying i think these should be 10 silver. May retract once we see the new in game costs.

Ready to go:
1 Magic Component or 1 Alchemy Component at check-in.

May I suggest "Well Stocked" as a better and more thematic perk name?

Hero Point Perks
These Perks always require the expenditure of a Hero Point plus any cost normally associated by the use of the stated skill, unless stated otherwise by the Perk. Each Perk also has a skill requirement you must meet before picking the Perk.

Overall, a great idea! Some seem VERY underpowered considering the perk AND a hero point cost, but love the rules direction and concept.

Wake up:
Spend a Hero Point to call "Lash Awaken".

I assume the awaken skill tie in was just accidentally omitted?

Essence Surge:
Spend a Hero Point to gain 5 Essence points for the Combat/Scene. (Must have Essence Increase skill).

I think the skill pre req should be deleted since this is essentially like the hero point use to grant Life Points and that has no skill pre req.

Spend a Hero Point to reduce the time to use the "Gather Essence" skill to zero. (Must have the Gather essence skill). (Must be Level 96 or higher).
Safe Cracker:
Spend a Hero Point to reduce the time to Pick a lock with a 20 minute Pick time or less to zero. A lock with greater than 20 minutes has its base time reduced to 20 minutes for this one Pick Lock attempt. (Must have
Pick Lock skill).
Demolition Expert:
Spend a Hero Point to reduce the time it takes to Disarm a trap to zero. (Must have the Create/Disarm Trap skill).
Expert Cipher:
Spend a Hero Point to reduce the time it takes to use the "Decipher Script" skill to zero. (Must have the Decipher Script skill).

I think minimum time should be 30 seconds on these just due to realism and thematic fit. PCs already have the option to reduce skill time, one hero point to drop to a zero count seem overly potent.

(Must be Level 96 or higher).

Is there a reason why some of these have a level requirement?

Hunter and Gatherer

Hunter – (Timed skill) – As per the “Scout” skill, as well the player will receive additional information if tracking or scouting for Animal type creatures

alternate suggestion:
(this skill combines both of the level 1 skills Wilderness Survival and Scout)
This skill allows for more rapid travel through the wilderness (1/2 time), the finding of
food, and a lower chance of dangerous encounters in-between events. Players with this
skill get 1 Food tag and 1 Hide tag at check-in.
Also, a character must spend 15 Minutes scouting the wilderness to gain information about a
specific plot, or generic information about wilderness activity in the area. The character
may also track PC's or NPC's with this skill but this takes considerably less time than
normal Scouting, and the GM overseeing the scene will determine how long it takes to
track something. When tracking PC's, if the GM's do not know where the PC's being
tracked are, you will not receive any information. You may also use the Scout skill to cover
your tracks, by spending the same 15 Minutes you can cover your tracks making it harder
to be tracked, or to even lay false tracks if you have multiple levels of Scout available.
(Multiple Scout Skills may work together to increase the effectiveness of this skill).


Level 2 – Management – (Between Event Skill) - The Merchant is good at getting common folk to like and work for him/her. Any Holding managed without penalty by this character has their Worker upkeep reduced by 50% (This reduction will stack with any other reduction to Worker upkeep).

Management – (Between Event Skill) – This skill grants you 20 Workers to utilize in a Holding. These workers cost you nothing to hire, and do not cost you upkeep. If you lose any of these 20 Workers, they will be replenished at the beginning of the event due to your hiring know-how.

Since holding upkeep is staying, why the change?

Peasant Hero

Level 2 - Working the Land – (Between events) - The Peasant Hero can help in the production of resources. This skill will not work if you are a Holding or Territory Manager. Choose a Holding manager, that character will receive 3 additional resources per Holding managed to a maximum of 6 additional resources.

Working the Land – (Between Events Skill) – The Peasant Hero can help defend the lands of those he deems deserving. You may assign yourself to “Defend a Holding” and based on your Path will help in the following ways – Warrior – Count as 20 Power, Rogue – Count as 20 Cunning, Healer - Restore 20% of friendly troops lost in this Holding, Empath – Counts as 20 Power, Sage – Increases knowledge you learn of Enemy forces, Jack of All Trades – Counts as 10 Power/10 Cunning, Magus – Count as 10 Military Power in final battle phase. You need not have the permission of the owner of the Holding to declare this action, but are also unable to hide your presence in the Holding as well.

Since the original worked fine even in the new rules, why the change a very complex new version?


Level 3 – Survival - The "Common" Wealth level requirement for this character is reduced by 2 Supplies and 1 Cloth, this does not reduce the cost of any additional Wealth levels.

Adaptable – (Passive) – Ga’Vin are able to utilize almost anything to survive and grow stronger. With this skill you may utilize (4) Animal Bones as a Supplies Resource, (4) Animal Meat as a Food Resource, (4) Animal Skin as a Hide Resource, (4) Rags as a Cloth Resource, (4) Scrap Metal as a Steel Resource. This does not make them that resource, merely allows you to pay in-game costs with them as if they were that resource. I.E. I am a 2nd level craftsman and 3rd level Ga’Vin, I can use 4 Rags, 4 Animal Bones, 4 Animal Skin, and 4 Scrap Metal to make a Refined Material Commodity, instead of using 1 Cloth, 1 Supplies, 1 Hide, and 1 Steel.

VERY nice new skill!


Cunning – (Between events) - The Rogue gets a 25% increase to any Cunning troops they manage.

Cunning – (Between Events) – All Cunning troops owned by this character gain a +25% in combat.

I suggest a warrior version for power troops, maybe as a swap out.
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Re: Rules Release Part 3

We are going to be introducing various spell components which, obviously, will be used in spells. At this point we are thinking that two mystic will be able to substitute for any one spell component so yes, mystic will have a bigger role than other resources in the spell casting (and possibly alchemy). That said, other resources will have a role in the system as well so we will have to keep an eye on what is more valuable.


diverse training--yes, that was intentional

Lightfoot and packhorse can be used together

Heal and essence path skils heal two points every 30 seconds. The perks are every 30 minutes--just speeds up natural healing

We may increase the amount of money these perks give too, but the intention is to reduce costs so that the money you can get now is a similar worth to what you could get before.

Wake up should have the skill requirement, yes.

We'll discuss essence surge and minimum time suggestion

We see the economic changes as giving a boost to the abilities. These disciplines were rarely taken and the skills were seen as less than. We think these are better.

Will discuss power troops suggestion.
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Re: Rules Release Part 3

Heal and essence path skils heal two points every 30 seconds. The perks are every 30 minutes--just speeds up natural healing

DOH! That's what I get for reading at 4 am....thought the perks said 30 SECONDS.
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