Little Surprises..

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Little Surprises..

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I work at regional center for GVSU. Every 6ish months or so we host this thing called 5x5 night - from a pool of submissions, 5 people are chosen to do a 5 minute pitch in front of 5 judges. One winner will get $5,000.

Well.. we have one next week and I've done a horrible job looking at the submissions. Yeah.. I kinda browsed them a little bit. One that perked my interest was a gaming store here in Muskegon. Cool.. Muskegon gets one from time to time, but they tend to go under.

So.. today, I was actually reading the submission.. and, well.. yeah. ... ing-center

(everyone is going to be like, "we already knew this. If you had Facespace, you would have known too! *sigh*)
If you get this in the next hour, and you haven't voted.. you could.
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