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Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 9:52 pm
by Torakhan
To all friends, allies, and interested parties:

In this time of great strife, the kingdom of Killeshandra seeks the might and support of those interested to come join the battle.
Pledge your steel, your might, your wits, your deeds, and your spirit to the fight and defeat the forces beating at the Dwarven homeland!

You too can contribute to the stories sung and written for generations as the allies of Killeshandra ensure that the forges of the Dwarves burn brightly forever.

Come join the forces, or offer what you can, and prevent the Ga'Vin from overtaking the ancestral kingdom of the Dwarves!

((The GMs have offered to let PCs partake in the story of Killeshandra by offering supplies and Hero Points to help turn the tide in Killeshandra. Your PC doesn't have to have stayed long, but can still be a part of the story and partake in the epic battle. If enough Hero Points are given, it will greatly affect the outcome of this battle, and perhaps even the war. If you have supplies, or Hero Points to offer, please submit them at check-in, or get in touch with Matt Howes, Jared Twining, Nicholas Fiore, Myself (Arthur Dreese), or another Final Haven GM, and hand them the tags that you would like to contribute and they will be presented to the GM staff at the October 14th game, if not before.))