2016 Spell Questions - Dark Vision

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2016 Spell Questions - Dark Vision

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Dark Vision–4 Essence; 1 Minute Charge; Talisman (2)
This spell may only be cast at night (after the sun has set), or in an area with no light. This Talisman grants the "Spot" skill, if the target of the Talisman already has the "Spot" skill, they gain the "Improved Spot" specialty. This lasts until the Talisman is removed, Disenchanted, the sun rises, or you are removed from an area with no light.
While I mostly don't have a question with this spell, I do question the reasoning for the night/day limitations. Was this done because you only want the players to use it half the time they're at the event, because the idea fit better with the name RP wise, or is there some other reason?

Then you have all those little "in between" questions. How dark does it need to be? Does candle light remove the spell? Moon light? What about when the sun has set, but it's not quite dark out yet? For some reason, I'm envisioning someone going around the tavern turning off all the lights just so they can use the spell..

I wouldn't be surprised if I was the only one that feels this night/dark limitation on this spell feels fairly weird.
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