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City of Knowledge

The weather was tranquil and the seas were calm as the Seraphim Frigate Renewed Valor neared its destination. Ark sat quietly reading a dear book, taking in the noise and motion that was around him. The Valor had an entire Centuria of Dawnvale Paladins onboard as well as a few Contubernium. More then her usual amount, but many were interested in where they were going.

Ark simply sat and read though, turning the page of his book he stared at his arms, from the elbow down they were a snow white with black tribal markings that had a slight highlight of purple. They didn't look like his own, mostly because they were not his own, a gift from a dear friend along with the book he now read. He was very thankful and would not forget it, he twitched his fingers and purple white lightning sparked between them causing a slight wolfish grin to play at his mouth.

When a Paladin told him that there destination had been reached and the ship had been secured he purposefully closed his book and departed the ship. As he stood on the dock looking over the beautiful obsidian and silver city of Corw'in'dar he stood for a moment in silent aw of the city, as did many of the paladins and his crew. he spoke to them as he looked over the city.

"The elves were kind enough to open up this knowledge to the world. . .so you should be kind enough to respectfully learn as much as you can."

He looked over his shoulder and smiled, many of faces he saw were smiling with anticipation as well, and the group began moving into the obsidian and silver city of knowledge.
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