Druid Changes

What did you think of the last event? Post your opinions and disucss the comments of others here!

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Post Thu Jan 11, 2007 9:02 pm

My other reasoning for the Resist Poison is that the dwarven boon is no where near a second level ability and this would give dwarves a reason to take Resist Poison as it'd be a better skill.

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I have to say that I like the changes. I was never happy with the fact that I had to buy scout when I was a full path druid.

I really like how you can emulate different animal totems. This makes the Druid class more flexible without being overpowering. I felt kind of nerfed that my 4th tier animal totem mimiced the scout 3rd tier skill of flee (I chose the animal based on RP considerations, not for powergaming).

I don't agree that the class has been "ruined". Quite the opposite. It's a more generally useful path. You can buff up or give yourself different aspects depending upon your need and class requirements, and it makes for interesting combos with classes. A warrior/druid isn't going to need the +3 combat reflexes and may benefit far more from missile avoidance or no movement restrition... whereas to a class typically weak in the armor department, 3 combat reflexes is very nice to have.

I do agree that resist poison and root should be swapped to keep root more of a "druid-only" thing. I also think that resist poison should resist the poison only, not the damaging effect of the skill/spell.


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Please not that root and poison have swapped places as suggested. No other change have been made at this point

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