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2007 Druid

Level 1: Scout
A character can spend 15 minutes scouting in the woods to receive information about a specific plot, puzzle, or general information about woodland activity in the area. The character is not guaranteed to find information. Up to three characters with the scout skill may work together to receive a better piece of information. After the fifteen minutes of scouting is up, the character(s) must go to NPC camp to receive their information. If more than one character is scouting as a group, they must all come to NPC camp together.

Level 2: Resist Poison
The Druid can spend a life point to ignore the effects of poison

Level 3: Magic Root
This packet-driven ability takes 15 seconds to charge, during which time the Druid cannot perform any other actions, including moving. The Druid must hit the target with the packet and call “Magic Root.” A specific target is not needed when charging this skill.

Level 4: Mimic Totem
With this skill the Druid may mimic characteristics of different animals as described below. This ability takes 30 minutes to commune with the chosen Totem creature to initiate. The ability gained lasts until the end of the event or until another totem is mimicked and does not count as an enchantment. The following skills are available to mimic:

Combat Reflexes (bulls, rhinos, etc) A Druid receives 3 points of armor from this skill that stacks with all other armor gaining skills. Armor
points gained through this skill are not counted when calculating armor category and an armor phys-rep does not need to be worn. In addition, armor points gained through this skill can be regained if the Druid rests for 5 minutes. While resting, the Druid cannot use any other skill nor perform strenuous actions.

Mystic Heal (Unicorns, Phoenix, etc) The Druid may spend a life point to heal a target by 1 life point. This skill requires an uninterupted 15 count to use. If the Druid has the Transferance or Surgery skill, the time to activate the Mystic Heal skill is reduced to zero. Multiple life points may be spent by the Druid but the required count applies to each life point.

Missile Avoidance (birds, rabbits, etc) Druids are immune to damage from ranged attacks delivered to the front of their body. The druid takes
no damage from attacks delivered by arrows, thrown weapons, or packets as long as the damage call contains "Vorpal", "Crush", or is simply a number such as "1". For example: The druid would be immune to a call of "1" from a thrown dagger as well as the call "1 crush", and the call "1 Magic Crush". The druid would not be immune to "1 magic"

Crush (Bears, wolves, etc) the Druid can hit a target for 5 crush. This skill takes 15 seconds to charge, and a target must be chosen ahead of time.

No Movement Restrictions (Snakes, Mice, etc) The Druid cannot be slowed by any effect that hampers movement, such as root, slick, etc.