The Future of One Day Events (the hard truth)

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The Future of One Day Events (the hard truth)

Post by Zydana »

Hey everyone,

I want to thank everyone who came out and supported our one day event. I have always enjoyed the flavor they provide, while slightly more relaxed than a full event (and the option of more sleep), and the ability to hang out OOG with fellow players. One day events are something I would like to continue.

The hard truth is that, while our event is only for a time on Saturday, we are still renting the camp from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. Despite the reduced rate you have been offered for the shorter event, the camp facility still charges us the full price. We have had campgrounds work with us in the past - winter being a slow season because few people want to camp in the cold. Leading up to this recent one day event, camp grounds either are no longer willing to work with LARP groups in the manner they once were, or are financially suffering themselves, so are not able to offer us the price range we need (with the amenities you like to keep you comfortable). Trust me, I'll keep looking for the best option for 2021!

So, here's where I need your thoughts. Do you enjoy the Winter One Day event enough to where you'd like to continue in the manner that we have been? Do we just remove it? Do we charge full price as though it were a weekend long event (would you still come if that were the case?)? Do we just have a weekend long event in the winter (not sure staff would love that option)? Do we nix the game portion of the One Day event and have a day (or weekend) of weapon/costume/prop making, rules discussions, feedback, and board games with pizza or potluck? Do we just not do a winter event and rent a pavilion at the lake and do a LARP summer party at a beach or park where we can get to know each other out of game there and do some boffer fighting, grilling, and those back yard games (and allow you to bring the family).

I don't feel secure in the fact that financially, we can continue our winter one day events as is. If we do, we need to increase the price of the event, or have much better attendance. Please let us know what you think regarding our winter one day events.

Also, please, PLEASE leave some feedback in the other thread about this recent one day. Without it, we won't know how to make the best event that you all deserve.

Angela Small
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Re: The Future of One Day Events (the hard truth)

Post by Ordrak »

So I've only been to two one days now. But I've immensely enjoyed each one. From the more relaxed atmosphere and chance to get to know everyone a bit oog to the ig chance to do more in depth to. With that being said I'd be ok changing the one days however we had to to keep them going, it would be unfortunate to see them change but I'd rather they changed and stuck around than we had to drop them altogether.
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