Gatherings: Some thoughts

Want to get people together outside of Final Haven? Post your ideas here!

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Gatherings: Some thoughts

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Hey all,

I've been thinking a lot lately about what you guys would enjoy as far as getting together outside our typical 4 weekend events a year. We recently had our Winter One Day, which was a lot of fun - I particularly enjoyed you guys struggling with the puzzles and being able to relax and chat with you guys out of game afterwards. We didn't get much feedback about the event. Do you guys want to continue with the Winter One Day events as they are currently structured? - Do a short Saturday thing and then retire to socialize/board games/card games after? Would you rather have the event in the summer? Would you like to forgo the in-game event and just have a fun day?...summer beach party?..cook-out?

For those of you that have been around a while and in the Muskegon area, we used to do Saturday "practice" which was really run around using King's Rules while others socialize and grill. Is there any interest in starting that up again?

What about Camp Pinewood?-(the place we held this past one day). Do we want to try to utilize that again? If so, to what capacity?

I just wanted to open a discussion about getting together outside the game.. if people are interested.. how they want to do it.. etc.

Please discuss!
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