Considerings for 2019

A place to bring up any clarifications, fixes, or current rule grievances to change for the 2019 rule set.

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Considerings for 2019

Post by Zydana »

This is a list of things we want to look at for the 2019 rule book. This may not be a complete list, but a springboard. We are looking for rule clarifications/rule fixes and not an overhaul of anything for 2019. We want to know what's not working so we can fix it.

Feel free to start a new thread with any of these, if you have any thoughts, brilliant ideas, or wish to jump on a soapbox. Please be treat your fellow players with respect when discussing rules. If there is anything else you want us to consider, please start a new thread or PM me for consideration to add to this list.

* Do we want to add Jack of All Trades back into the game? Is anyone still actively playing this? Should this be completely removed from the game.

* Costuming enforcement for racial disciplines.

* Size enforcement for tagged containers.

* What's the difference between rewrite/full rewrite and retirement?

* How many NPC levels can you spend when making a new character? How many NPC levels can you add to an existing character each event?

* Spell: Deep Pockets

* hitting lifepoint/not hitting lifepoint rules for poison/sleep/disease to be put in book

* option for Savage lifestyle to have holdings

* List of primary VS secondary resources

* Summon monster - should the ability to collect monster bits be tied to the spell? Should there be a blanket set of skills for a summoned creature to have regardless of where the creature came from. Do we want to do a tier 1, 2, and 3, so there are either 3 sets of abilities or strength levels?

* Clarifying that players may only be carrying 1 container, regardless of type, at a time.

* Potion Phys reps - Aproximetly 2oz

* benefits to wearing "real" armor

* Potato