Seeking Dragonslayers

A cold bed and a warm ale. Blood stains the walls, but it looks like the Bar Keep is standing...for once.

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Seeking Dragonslayers

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Some time after the celebrations had ended, Gondowon walks into the inn, holding a large pile of paper. He takes a sheet over to the door and, with a small tack and a quick tap of his crafting hammer, affixes the sheet to the door's surface. He looks around, tempted to place another one somewhere, but decides against it.

He then takes up residence in the back, sitting down to make repairs to the various weapons and armor pieces he ends up receiving to make repairs to, allowing his armor to stand next to him as though it were a watching apprentice.

*The following is the writing of the notice tacked to the Inn door*

To all with brave hearts, strong minds, skilled hands, or a general desire to do good:

A creature of incredible strength now threatens the land we've worked so hard to protect. His effects are subtle, for now, but he and his forces are growing in strength. Iteshk, the dragon of shadow and death, slumbers below our world, slowly devouring the light of our world. His thrall, Fringe, a lych of incredible cunning and malice, uses Iteshk's power to raise the dead as his army, which grows in numbers each day.

Though I am a humble craftsman and sage, I ask for your help in defeating these tainted monsters. I will speak to you in earnest: there is no gold to be found, no glory to be earned, no money I can offer you for aiding in defeating these foes. I ask for your help with empty hands. I'm aware that, for some of you, doing the right thing is not an appealing reward for risking your lives -- a completely understandable position to take. I must ask for your help nonetheless and feel it best to be as honest as possible.

For those of you willing to help, I thank you in advance, and request you seek me out so that we may make plans. I will likely be crafting in the back of the Inn or else by the coast near the recently resurrected Redwind (for those of you unfamiliar with this ship, it is the lost flagship of the Haven Navy, captained by the elf Zandron). You can also send me a message through any of the crew members or affiliates of the Redwind: Khorvalis, Christian Cross, Mahto Snowbringer, Leo, and Captain Zandron himself.

Til our paths cross.

Gondowon Tedra Falbor
"The road an adventurer walks has no destination, yet they reach places no one else can dream of reaching." - Gondowon Tedra Falbor