Meal Service 2 - the revenge!!

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Meal Service 2 - the revenge!!

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The time has come again to talk about the meal service, or as Jared likes to call them the 'Dollar Dishes!'

I want to first thank EVERYONE for their generosity, helpfulness, cleanliness, and gratitude. You have NO idea how afraid I was that it wouldn't go over well and my event would be a bummer. It's happened at other games before. But - you guys were flipping rock stars. I am SO grateful. Thank you for making my event too... and for making me feel glad we started doing this. As long as I keep at least breaking even, or better yet growing, we can keep this going!

I got some really good feedback and ideas, so we're gonna keep tailoring this thing till it's as close to perfect as we can get. Most folks are still going out for dinner on Saturday, so we are gonna try and go a little lighter and more come as you like with dinner on Sat.

Since it's warm and sales are going on... and because most people went out for dinner on Saturday, this is the prospective menu for this weekend!

Friday: $1/plate

Dinner: 2 hot dogs (gonna griddle grill 'em this time), a bag of chips and veggies and ranch

Saturday:$1/ bowl

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, potato, and sausage gravy bowl (lots of requests for this again.)

Dinner: Zuppa Toscana (or... that white soup from Olive Garden) and bread sticks. (served by the bowl when you ask for it, since people will be in and out all evening)


Can of Pop: $.50
Coffee: $.25
Hot Cocoa: $.25
Hot Tea: $.25
Hot Apple Cider: $.50
Kool Aid: 2 copper
Bottled Water: (free... but please don't take advantage)

The pop and water will be chilled... and I'll -see- if I can get some iced tea going... but no promises. I know it's gonna be warm, and we have a bunch of warm drinks... but it is what it is! *grin*

As always, our ability to do this is based on your kindness and generous hearts. I put a lot of work, time, and care into trying to make sure you guys are taken care of, fed well, and your tavern is a great place to enhance your setting and RP. If you have it to give, consider donating a bit. No one will be judged if they can't, though. We do what we can to keep costs as low as possible to enfranchise people in taking part.

Also - if you have items/food you'd like to contribute, please post here. Unless you'd like to keep it private, then by all means message me. <3

See you cool cats in just 2 short weeks!!!
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