things i like so far

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things i like so far

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0- 60

level 0 characters get 60 points, FINALLY, I'm so glad you guys made that change.

Impale is not restricted by weapon type

yes, Yes, YES!, FINALLY its taken years but we made it (throws hands in the air in triumph) :wink:

Str. Of the Defender 2 Remove Press, change “Immune” to “Resist” Crush

ya know what, ill take it, its surprisingly hard to convince you guys to balance your game so I consider this a victory! :D


I hated this years playtest but this one actually looks like a lot of fun and might actually get me to play a caster again.

new level progression

that format is hard to read and tell what's going on (in relation to our current levels) but I appreciate the simplified leveling.

removal of jack of all trades

good choice ^_^
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