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Rule Changes 2011

Focus items:

1) Now considered crafted special items. One hour craft time. Upkeep/craft cost equal to the price wizards already pay. Exact recipe to be discussed.

2) If the focus item is used for any of its active effects or to enhance an ongoing spell effect that spell is disrupted after the focus item is used. For example, if the focus item is used to change a packet driven skill to a path in a straight line the spell would be disrupted after game on was called.

3) To use a focus item a character must have purchased a wizard ability of equivalent level.


Lvl 2 Florentine - now has Medium Armor restriction.


Craftsman Lvl. 2 – Create Commodities
A Craftsman of this level is able to take the raw resources necessary and create a useable Commodity. To do so the Craftsman must have all 4 Resources necessary for the Commodity and then spend 1 Hour crafting the resources into the desired Commodity. At the end of the hour the Craftsman must come to NPC camp to receive the tag for the Commodity, turning in the 4 resource tags used (Note: while traveling to NPC camp the 4 resources used up in the creation of the Commodity do not go against the PC limit of carrying resources, but the Commodity will once picked up).

Steal Life
May only be used on characters over level 20, or with GM/NPC prerogative.

Weapon Focus
Characters may only make use of one weapon focus or specialty skill to get a +1 passive melee damage. These passive weapon skills do not stack for +2. For example, a Master Warrior Knight may use a specialty in swords/blades or a single weapon focus, but not both at the same time for using a single sword.

Crafting Times
All crafting times for standard items are reduced by 1/2.

When converting resources to commodities between events, if you pay extra coin to reduce the number of resources needed the reduction comes off the more common resources first.

Probe Mind - Now may be used if a character is awake and incapacitated (Tied up, zero life points, under charm, or in any way unable to disrupt the Seer or defend themselves.) putting them into a 'trance.' And if the target has a skill to resist they may use it regardless of circumstance.

Level 4- No longer 'Sleep' New skill to be announced.
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