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2008 surgery

The surgery skill only works on a target that is critically injured (below zero life points). Surgery can be used to heal negative life that is at negative 10 or lower The healer can heal up to 10 life points through the use of this skill. The healer may choose the number of life points healed as long as the total healed does not push the target's total life points above zero. It takes one minute to perform the surgery skill. While surgery is underway the target stops bleeding to death. Upon completion, the target remains unconscious until they are brought to a positive life point total. A Healer can heal an additional 9 life points while performing surgery but there is a risk of death. To heal these additional 9 life points, the healer must first have a "Healer's bag". The healer's bag is an out of game pouch that contains 10 red and white markers or chips. The bag must contain at least one red chip and at least one white chip. The healer's bag is also used in the resurrection process. For surgery, Chips are taken from the bag at a rate of one per minute. A white chip heals 1 life point while a red chip instantly kills the patient. Up to 2 additional surgeons can assist. When a surgeon assists they can offer their Healer's bag to the injured person. The injured subject must pick the chips from the bag offered to him. The drawing of chips from the healer's bag is meant to simulate the effects of a very critical and delicate surgery. Once a chip is drawn, it is not returned to the bag until the surgery is completed.
Finally, if the surgeon can reach a target within 15 seconds of that target dying, they can resuscitate them. The target will be at –15 life points or the total they were at when they died, whichever is lower. This is true even for those who were given a killing blow. This skill is restricted to medium armor.