!! HELP !!

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Post Sun Sep 11, 2005 1:10 pm

!! HELP !!

Yes, I'm pathetic... but I need your help all the same. I need you guys to go vote HERE in the side bar poll for Ravens_falling.

It's this layout design contest I'm in, and I'd rather not lose. *wry grin* If you could give me a boost with a vote, I'll love you long time.

Thanks, guys. ^_^
"Is misery made beautiful, right before our eyes?
Will mercy be revealed, or blind us where we stand?"
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Post Sun Sep 11, 2005 6:44 pm

I saw your LJ post and voted yesterday.

BTW, you've just pulled into the lead.
One should rather die than be betrayed. There is no deceit in death. It delivers precisely what it has promised. Betrayal, though ... betrayal is the willful slaughter of hope.

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