2nd Annual World Zombie Day

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2nd Annual World Zombie Day

It's that time of year again boys and girls. The dead shall walk the earth. Well....probably just a bunch of nerds actually, but the smell will probably be about the same.

For those not in the know, October 26, 2008 was the first ever World Zombie Day (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zombie_walk). Like Wikipedia says, nearly 50 cities participated last year, and the time is upon us again. October 10th is Z-Day, and last year Grand Rapids set the record with an official tally of about 3300 people. While I do encourage everybody to get their zombie on, I implore fellow residents near Grand Rapids to help keep the title. Recommendations on things people bring along for Z-Day:

1)Non-perishable food. One of the big pushes of Z-Day last year was donating food, and I can't imagine it'll be any different this year. This isn't necessary, but a little good karma while portraying an abomination of nature can't hurt.

2)Extra make-up. Good for touching up your own disease-ridden corpse as well as infecting random pedestrians that want to get in on the undead shenanigans.
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It's on the 30th of October in Grand Rapids this year so everyone knows... so get undead and be there!

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