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Final Haven Weekly Raffle!

PostPosted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:09 pm
by GM-August
The Final Haven Weekly Raffle!

What to do: Answer a simple question from your character's perspective. (I.E. Answer in-game.)
What to win: One random responder will win Reward Points! (25 Reward Points for every 10 responders)
When to do it: We will post a question every Friday in the months of February, March, and April (except LARP weekends). The contest will run until midnight on Wednesday.

The rules.
  1. Respond to the question on Facebook or the Forums with an appropriate response to earn a ticket. You can earn up to two tickets by responding on BOTH Facebook and the Forums with a different response.
  2. Only one response required to earn a ticket. If you have multiple characters, you will not earn additional tickets.
  3. If you do not want to answer a question (your character might get in trouble, etc.), lie, fib, or make something up! This may give your character an answer to a question you would have been caught off-guard answering.

So what is an "appropriate response"?
    An appropriate response on Facebook or the Forums is where you give a complete answer to the question. "No" and "I wouldn't" are not complete answers. You shouldn't be asking yourself "Is this enough?", but rather "Is this too much?" This is supposed to be a fun contest, so have fun!
So why do a raffle?
    We thought this would be a fun way to get people talking about their characters, sharing stories, creating relationships, and having conversations that would happen between characters during the winter months. It also provides the GMs with a bit of knowledge to use in-game as well as allow the players to shape their characters in ways they may not have expected.
Why only 25 Reward Points?
    It is 25 Reward Points for every 10 responders! (So with 34 responses, the prize is 75 Reward Points!) We didn't give away any specific in-game rewards yet mostly to see if people are interested in this type of engagement. The amount of Reward Points translates to a dollar, but its still a dollar. Not enough to get free levels, but enough to get a cheap grab bag! (Or save them up!) It keeps it fair for those who cannot participate but still rewards those who do! Plus, bragging rights!
But we want more!
    Ok, if you can get a lot of different people responding regularly, we will consider increasing the length of the contest and potentially increasing the rewards.
What if I just want to post, but don't want to enter the Raffle?
    Some people no longer play, are staff at one or more games, or simply just don't want to enter into the raffle but still want to reply. Add the words No Entry to your response or make it clear in some way you wish to not participate, and you will be excluded from the random drawing. This is meant to be fun and exciting, so we will count these responses towards the total post count to determine the prize! This means that every response is important so please rattle some cages and get your friends to join in the fun!
I enjoy LARP, but would prefer to keep my name private. If I win, will my name be made public?
    No. The winner will be identified by their character name. (So please include your character name in your response!)

Re: Final Haven Weekly Raffle!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 11:02 am
by GM-August

    2016-02-05 Khorvalis (50 RP)
    2016-02-12 Finn (50 RP)
    2016-02-19 Nellie (50 RP)
    2016-02-26 Mahto Snowbringer (25 RP)
    2016-03-04 Vivac (50 RP)
    2016-03-11 Khorvalis (25 RP)
    2016-03-18 Aurora (25 RP)
    2016-03-25 Abaddon (50 RP)
    2016-04-01 Gunnhilda (50 RP)
    2016-04-01 Nellie (50 RP)
    2016-04-08 Lara (25 RP)
    2016-04-08 Marcus (25 RP)
    2016-04-15 Eli (25 RP)
    2016-04-15 Tal'Vor (25 RP)
    2016-04-22 Mahto Snowbringer (50 RP)
    2016-04-22 Nellie (50 RP)

A few questions were asked about the raffle. I have added the questions and answers to the above post.