Post Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:08 pm

Using the Kitchen

This is not a rant on kitchen cleaning, I promise.

1) If you use the camp's dishes, they need to be washed using the wash, rinse, sanitize method. If you don't want to do this, don't use the camp's dishes. If you pull a plate or cup or whatever out of the camp's inventory, you are responsible for cleaning it (and don't leave it on a table in the main room. That's just rude.) If you can't do this, bring your own utensils.. or paper/plastic utensils to throw away (I bring my own).

2) No solids are to go down the drains. The drains lead to a septic tank far out beyond the bath house. If the camp needs to have someone come out to mess with the line or tank, it's $600. Please use the mesh strainers that fit in the drain to catch food. We don't want to become a problem child. The ranger cringed when I dumped my coffee into the sink and there were some coffee grounds that went down the drain (Yeah, he's THAT serious about it).

3) There is a white garbage bag hanging by the pantry for soiled kitchen linens. Put the dirty wash clothes and towels there (don't put garbage there).

4) If you use the kitchen, make sure you get in the kitchen early Sunday to start helping. I was slow to do this and felt horrible that Mike was finishing up doing dishes while others were cleaning. I then put in my time for kitchen cleaning. Mike should need to spend no time on kitchen cleaning.

5) When cleaning the stove, the top of the stove disassembles and can be scrubbed in the sink. The griddle plate needs to be cleaned and oiled. Don't forget to clean the oil/grease drip tray below.

I don't want to lose kitchen privileges, so please, respect the wishes of the camp (and the time of our GM staff) and make sure the kitchen is used and cleaned properly and promptly at every event.

Thank you!