March 2019 Winter One Day

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March 2019 Winter One Day

Hello all! I'm pleased to announce our 2019 winter one day event!

When: March 30th
Where: YMCA Camp Pinewood in Twin Lake
Price: $25 for the event +$5 if you plan to overnight
Bring a dish to pass for the Saturday potluck!

What's a Winter One Day Event?
A one day event is normally a one off event during the off season on a Saturday (ok, it's a bit late this year due to scheduling conflicts, delayed responses and trying to negotiate with camps). Usually we start the game around 10am and continue on sometime after dark ..6pm..7pm..8pm.. ish? Sometime in there we will have a potluck dinner when people get hungry. Because of the shortened event, there is no in-between event actions. You will not be receiving research or submitting research for a one day event. Often a winter one day is a more role playing heavy event with some/minimal combat.

Here's the deal
While the game is on Saturday only, often the out-of-towners will arrive on Friday night with some socialization/board games for the evening.
Saturday we do the LARP thing. We also do the potluck thing.
Saturday night is the after-larp party. Feel free to stay for a while and socialize with your fellow LARPers out of game. We will do board games and card games throughout the evening. Some of you may choose to stay the night - cool! Remember it's an extra $5 if you want to stay the night (whether you stay one night or two, it's $5 per person (not per night).. it's what I could negotiate with the camp.)
Sunday we clean up, pass out hugs, and go home... if you didn't go home Saturday.

Other Things to Know
If you are using one of those awesome looking latex weapons, they get hard in cold weather - swing very lightly
If you plan to engage in combat, please make sure you're wearing proper attire for the weather. The end of March could be warm or freezing. Who knows!
The Lodge
*We will only be using the lodge on Saturday. We will need to clean it up before retiring for the evening and playing board games.
*There is a commercial kitchen in the lodge we are NOT permitted to use (unless you can provide your SafeServ certification).
*There is an industrial coffee machine in the lodge. If we want to provide the coffee, they will make it for us.
*There is a fireplace in the lodge. If we want a fire going, they will build one for us.
*If we need extra tables/chairs, they will get them for us.
*The administrative office is attached to the lodge. For the most part, they will leave us be, however, you will need to enter the office area to use the lodge bathrooms.
The Bunkhouse(s)
*Upstairs there is a kitchen area with stove, oven, microwave. We are allowed to use these! :D
*Upstairs are several rooms with 1 or 2 bunk beds. The bunkhouse sleeps 14 total. (based on the Facebook poll, we have 13 people planning to attend, and they will all be staying the night!) Fear not, we have access to another bunkhouse for overflow.
*Downstairs is two large rooms where we will be doing the evening socializing/gaming. In one of the rooms is a TV, so there's an option for multiplayer video games.
*If we have enough people staying the night, there is a second bunk house. I haven't seen the inside, but I'm told it's the same as the above, but with no kitchen area and only a half-size basement/meeting area.

*something I'm forgetting..
... look for pre-pay info soon.

In the past, may of us have enjoyed bringing an adult beverage. The camp had decreed we may do so, "As long as we don't see it." ...and will publicly deny giving us permission.
So.. here's the deal. If you are 21 or older (years, not levels) and are staying the night on Saturday, you may bring something for yourself to drink during social/gaming time in the bunkhouse. There will be no drinking permitted before Game Off on Saturday. Getting stupid-drunk or failure to follow these rules may result in being banned from the game and/or us contacting local authorities. If you break it, you're buying it. :D

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Re: March 2019 Winter One Day

Hi there! I'm not sure if this would be the right page to post it on, but I have been interested in playing in your larp. I was hoping to join as an NPC for the one day event if that would be possible.

I do have a few questions that do not seem to be covered by the details here. Mostly I am hoping to get advice of what I would need to bring for the weekend, and the best way to register for the event.

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Re: March 2019 Winter One Day

Feel free to PM me here or email me at


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Re: March 2019 Winter One Day

I have been looking into seeing what this requires "...(unless you can provide your SafeServ certification)." I found ... -certified

so ServSafe vs safeserv

Not sure if the same certificate or similar enough to count.

Did they provide a link for the program they want us to have to cook food there? I was thinking of taking a program anyway to refresh myself since I cook so much for the game.
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Re: March 2019 Winter One Day

Posted to FB as well...

More Info for One Day!

I believe someone is working on an in-game announcement, but you are not in New Haven, you will be in the Sopran capital.

All buildings have heat.

Bunk house has a kitchen and potties with running water. (if we utilize the second bunk house, it will not have a kitchen). All beds (including top bunks) must be filled before they give us a 2nd (or 3rd) bunkhouse.

Game on is 10am (hopefully) on Saturday morning. Try to arrive by 9am. Those coming on Friday can be checked in sometime in the evening if they wish.

Due to the short event, you will not be receiving or doing in-between event actions for the event (research, military, holdings, etc.)

If you'd like, you may receive your gold for... possible in-game opportunities. (in-game gambling, bribing, other, etc).

If this is your first time playing, you'll need to sign a liability waiver for Haven.

EVERYONE will need to sign a liability waiver specific to this camp.

We are only using the lodge for Saturday. We won't be given access on Friday or Sunday.

The lodge is attached to the camp office. There will be someone in the office during the event. You'll need to to through the office if you wish to use the lodge potties.

The lodge has a commercial kitchen. This kitchen is strictly off-limits to EVERYONE (including NPCs).

Camp departure time is noon on Sunday (but they admitted to being pretty flexible with that time since it's their off-season).

Board/Card games will take place in the basement of the bunk house(s).

There's a possibility there's still some stuff in your folder at check in from last game's check out and haven't gotten to everyone's. I'm a bit behind on that. Sorry!

I'll do my best to check here throughout the day if you have specific questions. I'm horrid at checking FB PMs, so don't do that. If you need to ask me something privately, email (or text if you have that info)

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