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NPC Benefits

Hey All -

It's no secret that for the 2018 season, we have been severely short handed. We are in need of at least one more GM and a few more permanent, on staff NPCs. For some time I've been wondering why we can't seem to gather interest for more people to join our staff. I understand that many of you would rather play that run the game.

My questions to you -

Do we need to increase incentives for those who are NPCing?

Should permanent staff members have more of a benefit than players helping for a few hours or just for an event?

What would be an incentive for you to join the Haven staff?
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Re: NPC Benefits

As former staff I want to encourage you all to consider helping out.
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Re: NPC Benefits

I would definitely recommend that. If you make incentives better and players are aware of the benefits of NPCing, they will come. Especially if the PCs know that you can get in game incentives. I didn't even know that there were
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