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Re: Rules Release Part 2

not saying the original regen was not fine, but I was one of the proponents of this change. couple reasons, one of which is it brings it in line with healing and repair mechanics (those were both changed to duration per point instead of duration half/full) and the reason for that change was the idea that it was not realistic that it took the same amount of time to heal 2 life points as it did 100000000 (hyperbole large number to explain point) it is also simple to deduce that for every level of regen you have you heal 2x that amount per minute.

it also allows for more sources of regen without the problematic theory that you could get your regen time down to a ridiculously small amount of time, as the mechanics allow for a theoretical regen of full health in seconds. (in no way possibly within the system, but it was within the skill mechanics) while the new method allows for regen stacking for a benefit but makes it much more simple to track and police from an outside perspective because everyone knows you have to be away for at least a minute.

FH has been trying to simplify time mechanics, such as the original changes to healing a few years back, repair armor, regen, and the AWESOME changes to hero point time mechanics (seriously, awesome change) the last thing that I think remains is combat reflexes. . .and it is now my vendetta to bring it line as well :D

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