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GM weekend

The GMs from both chapters met this weekend to go over the rules and to brainstorm/create changes for this upcoming year. This face to face time was extremely productive and we got a lot of work done on the direction of the game. A few things are important to share at this time and more will come in the not too distant future. First, both chapters will be running the exact same game this year. All rules will be the same, including the economic system. You can also expect significant changes in the ruleset--you could say we're giving the Haven ruleset a long overdue facelift. We are taking a look at everything this year, as I have mentioned earlier, and we are constantly asking the questions, do we need this, is it fun, and how could it be better? With those questions in mind, we believe we will create a better version of the game as it currently exists.

Obviously, as you are reading this, you are expecting some significant changes to take place and that is likely true. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback before anything becomes set in stone as we want the game to continue to be a collective effort to become the game everyone wants it to be. Naturally, everyone will be given a free rewrite to alter their characters in any way they see fit, should these changes indeed happen (meaning that they are both completed and no passionate pleas from the player base change our minds). We are not ready to present these said changes to you at this time, as we need to shift our focus to getting ready for the one day event that is coming up very quickly. However, I am telling you this now because the Final Haven One Day event will contain the plot/explanation for why this change takes place and why it would impact both chapters. At the end of that event, we hope to provide you with a preview of what we are thinking for the system going forward, at which time you will have a chance to digest the information and ask questions/provide feedback.

Should these changes indeed go through, we will ask for patience as any new skills may need to be tweaked in the future once they are fully seen in action. The stuff that we are adding to the game should allow for every character to have more heroic skills. We are gutting skills that we feel are weak and either amping them up or changing them completely. This should at least make for more difficult choices when selecting skills in your path as there should no longer be obvious choices to be made.

Okay, I've teased it enough at this point. Because I do want to focus on plot over the next few weeks, I am unlikely to spend much time responding to clarifying questions. I know what I just wrote will raise questions. I promise this won't just be sprung on you last minute and we will provide you the opportunity to raise concerns/ask questions, etc. We will continue to go through the rules and continue to welcome your skill suggestions/changes.


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Re: GM weekend

*fans self like southern belle* :D
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