Post Wed Jan 14, 2015 12:04 pm

Meeting Minute 1/13/15

Some business was discussed about finalizing the partnership between the three games, final haven, winter haven, and waypoint.

The GMs of the final haven and winter haven will get together in early February to try and hash out many rule changes, logistics, the year as a whole, etc.

Rules Discussions:
We discussed the possibility of allowing alcohol at the game, as per player suggestion and support. We feel strongly that we have responsible players but that the presence of alcohol has the potential to cause uncomfortable situations and increases the risk of injury. Even when responsible drinking occurs, alcohol slows reflexes, which is non-desirable in any contact sport/game such as a LARP. Alcohol also increases our liability should something occur and makes it difficult to allow minors to play the game, something we have allowed in the past. For all of these reasons and others, we will continue to have a no alcohol policy stated in the rule book as that is a clear and unified expectation of our two games.

We continue to discuss the economic system and what changes we can make. There is a clear minority of people who find the system dynamic and fun. We are exploring ways of tweaking the system to increase overall enjoyment of more people while maintaining the things that are working for those who currently have fun with it. See separate post to provide feedback on this specific issue.

We will be discussing changes to Wizard. We don't know what that will look like yet, but there is a feeling that we lost something when we made the previous change to a Wizard path. It's like we took the magic out of the magic system (my personal opinion). Stay tuned for further details about this and feel free to provide your own thoughts/opinion.

As always, we welcome your feedback on anything we are discussing or anything we are not. We have set up a google doc that outlines everyone of your suggestions and we are putting time in between con calls to make sure we thoroughly examine each and every one of those suggestions. Thanks everyone!