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How To Use This Forum

We are currently in the process at looking at the rule set in its entirety and are looking for players to give feedback as to what they would like to see changed in the system as a whole. All posts will be discussed internally and changes may be made based upon your input. Change is not guaranteed, but we will discuss everything. We know many suggestions have been posted throughout the years in the rules suggestion forums, but to organize ourselves and focus our attentions, this new forum has been created and it will work this way:

If there is a rule that you do not like for any reason, put the name of the rule/skill/subset of skills/etc in the post subject. In the post itself, put the rule you disagree with as well as a brief description as to why you dislike it. If you have a recommended solution, go ahead and give it, but a recommended solution is not required for you to give input about disliking something. For example, if you dislike the Critical Strike skill, then put critical strike in the subject line, copy and paste the part of the rule (or the entire rule) you disagree with and tell us why and then, optionally, propose a solution. If you dislike the entire Rogue Path, put Rogue in the subject line and then simply tell us why you dislike the path in its entirety.

Once you have made a post, other players may agree, partially agree, or disagree. To agree with a post, reply to the post and write the word: "Agree." To Disagree with a post, reply to the post and write the word: "Disagree." To Partially agree with a post, reply to the post, write the word "Agree," and then in a quote box, copy and paste the part(s) that you agree with (it will be assumed then you disagree with the rest). There should be no additional comments underneath someone's post. If you feel the need to elaborate, you may do so in a private message to myself or another GM. If you agree with disliking a rule but not with the proposed solution and you have a different solution, you may start a new thread titled "[rule in question] Suggestion 2." Players may then agree, partially agree, or disagree with Solution 2.

Failure to comply with this format will result in your message in its entirety being deleted, as well as a warning being issued. Repeat offenders will be locked from this forum.

We genuinely want to know what people dislike about the current system and what needs to get fixed. We plan on working hard this off-season to address concerns with the current system. If you do not provide feedback, then only the GM's concerns will be addressed. If you know people who have concerns with the current game system but who do not frequent these forums, encourage them to voice their opinions. If you do not wish to publicly put your name to a suggestion, feel free to PM a GM and he will post it for you. Since I see this forum as a PC forum, assume any threads started by a GM are a PC concern via PM and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the GM staff (though again, we will discuss everything).

If you feel strongly about something but remain silent, the likelihood of change is slim so I encourage everyone to have a voice. Any questions/comments/concerns about this forum can be asked by replying to this post or via PM.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions,