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"Solitary Confinement" for Captured! (Read Disclaimer)

Stop. This is part of the Captured Online Adventure. Continue reading only if you are joining the adventure late. This is intended to catch you up with the rest of the party:

You wake up in a dimly lit area and rub your head. When your vision clears you see the faint glow of ice on the walls. You are in a tiny, underground space, no more than a hole at the bottom of a dry well. “Solitary confinement” they called it, after you behaved badly. At some point during the previous night there was an attack. A group of small, grotesque humanoids ambushed you on the road. Their faces were covered in boils, and they didn’t seem to like the lantern light. You put up a good fight, driving them back, but they had something else with them. It was invisible, whatever it was. And, strong. And, it reeked of death. You could feel its grip, but you couldn’t see it. You were dragged here, and thrown into this hole.

Except your clothing, your possessions are gone. You suspect your captors have stashed them in some locked storage up above somewhere.
If you are a Magus or a Healer, you find yourself wearing a strange, green, metallic collar. It does not come off, despite your best efforts.
Read only if you are a Magus or a Healer
If you use any magic, or healing beyond first aid, the collar will shock you, wounding you. It does not prevent you from using your skills, however.

The sheer ice walls of the hole go up a ways, but the top of the well seems to have been freshly boarded over, and covered with dirt, or so you guess by the dust that falls. Who knows how many of these wells there are, or how many prisoners. You are wounded, but you find a large shard of ice on the ground. You manage to chisel out some handholds on the wall. You could even fashion out a crude weapon from the ice, if you wish. After several hours of climbing, you reach the top, bust open the boards with a chunk of ice, and burst forth from the ground right in front of the rest of the adventuring party in the tunnel they are in. Describe what happens in the main thread.