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Recollecting on the past

It was a cold, crisp morning, the sun was just high enough in the sky that it could be considered daylight, but it was still too early for most people to be awake. A small gust of wind blew sand in a small spiral around the lone hooded figure walking through the cluster of small houses and shops.

Xil had been up late the night before meeting with the chieftain from another village, but that did not stop him from completing his daily routine of walking through the village he now called home to the edge of town and honing his swordplay skills. How long had it been since he had fought and killed the fire snake? He still had the scar from the snake's first attack on his chest. "Wait," he corrected himself out loud, "I didn't kill the snake alone. I would be dead without the people of Haven." With a sigh he rose from the stump where he was sitting, sheathed his two different swords, and began the walk back to town.

He eventually reached the larger home in the center of the village, unlocked the door, and walked inside. Sitting at his desk, he began to write.

How long has it been since I last saw the people of Haven? Far too long, for a group of people to whom I owe my life. Korrigan, Fionna, Marcus, Zandron, Mahto, Gondowon, Rothek... What would you do in my position? Running this village is taking a toll on me. I will need to come and visit the people of Haven soon.

He sat back in his chair, running a hand through his hair. "Why do I of all people deserve to be the leader of this village?" he said aloud. "Sir Zymasi..." came a timid voice. Xil jumped in his chair, collecting himself immediately and turning around to see Radiya, the daughter of his advisor.

"Radiya, I've told you before, you can call me Xil, " he said softly.

"I know, but it just doesn't sound right..." she replied

Xil chuckled. He was the same way as a child. "What can I do for you?" he asked

"Tell me the story of your father, again."

"Very well," Xil took a deep breath and began, "My father Kiyran was born to a warrior father and a magic-using mother who was the town's healer. He never talked about his parents much, other than to bitterly say that they never looked for him after he left. He associated with the wrong types of people, and started taking jobs killing for money. He would have lived as an assassin until the day he died, if he had not have met my mother, a beautiful woman named Aiden who changed his ways. I don't remember her, after the Cataclysm when I was still a baby, she sacrificed herself to banish a destructive demon from our world. My father carried on like nothing had happened, but you could tell he was devastated. He trained me in swordplay and my mother's magic of destroying undead. I was with him and a group of adventurers much like the group I came here with when he sacrificed himself to destroy what I believe was the same demon that my mother banished. I remember it so vividly to this day, the demon could project an awful ball of energy that would kill anyone who touched it. After we fought the demon for what seemed like hours, Kiyran finally dove into the demon, right as it threw this energy ball. When the dust cleared they were both gone..."

Xil realized his hands was shaking after telling the story. "How does this story always have such an effect on me?" he thought.

"Radiya, why don't I walk you back home? Your mother must be looking for you by now."

By now it was daylight, the sun was high in the sky. Xil and Radiya walked through the small town, greeting everyone he saw by name, until they finally reached Xil's advisor's house.

"Go inside now, Radiya, before your mother gets mad," Xil said, laughing.

Xil began the walk back to his house, greeting more people along the way. Everyone returned his greeting, not simply through respect, but with a genuine warmness. "Maybe this is where I'm meant to be, after all..." Xil thought. "But I will still have to visit Haven soon."
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