Post Wed Feb 16, 2005 10:13 am

Unbreakable Super Duper Potion Vials

I have been looking for containers for my potions for In-Game. I didn't like the test tubes because they were a little small and fragile, even the plastic ones. Although the colored ones were really cool. I have seen these extra thick tubes before but couldn't find them in bulk or in an affordable non-bulk package
They are extra durable and have a screwcap so they don't open in your pack. I couldn't find them at a feasible price point, that is until now! I am going to buy some, I haven't decided how many but I was wondering if anyone else was interested in going in and getting a better deal through economies of scale. Anyway reply or PM me if you are interested.

And yes I know that they are in inflated 2-Liter bottles.