LARP bows...

Post your LARP suppliers here

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LARP bows...

1) Can anyone reccomend where to get quality that isnt overpriced...
2) an inexpensive starter bow (30 bucks ish)
3) Anyone have a bow they would be willing to lend to a new player for next event, I will make him arrows to use so your arent at risk. They are for Doug (the younger NPC that was with me at the zombiepocalypse event)
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Starter bows you can find at meijers, walmart, and other stores of that nature in the Sporting Goods department. They don't look great, but they run about $20.

As for a good quality bow, this site is great:

There are a few characters on the field that own them, and I personally think they're great quality for the cost.
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Re: LARP bows...

I've purchased this bow ... attila-bow it's a little bit out of your price bracket although I've had loads of fun with it! :)

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