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Springtime in Woodhaven

After what seemed like unending torrential downpour, the skies had finally relented and now was the clean up of the small prosperous hovel. Serith growing ever more accustomed to the trade of helping run a town was now in a new position of directing rescue and cleanup efforts from the flooding that had overtaken Woodhaven's lands when the banks of the Sound Brook let loose. The clean up was tedious, but it put a smile on Serith's face, as he knew that as long as he had the citizens of Woodhaven at his side they could withstand pretty much any hardship.

As clean up progressed Serith then moved on to making sure those whose homes were damaged had adequate food and supplies along with shelter. The doors of the hospital were almost on a revolving hinge as people and material streamed too and from.

Serith had heard of the Red Tear turncoat making his way in Haven, and really yearned to go with his friends and other warriors to do what he did best, and bloody the noses of the Red Tear, but as he was growing more and more aware of, that his first responsibility was to those who needed him most, those that were his charges, in Woodhaven.

Sending word along to Korrigan that Serith and Gabrial would be staying behind to hold down the fort in Woodhaven was a difficult missive to send, but one that Serith knew had to be done, as Haven would be more than able to handle the Red Tear, and his true need was back home helping with the clean up of the destructive powers of the Phanterran spring storms.
Serith Darkheart

"I dont make Threats....Only Promises"