Post Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:04 pm

the hunt.

with the setting of the sun the night brought about a chill over the land. spring had found haven and was slowly prying away at winters grasp. but something was wrong about tonight. there were sinister workings covered up by the darkness.

the red tear were on the move.

a contingent of the black magi, hooded and cloaked, hurriedly traveled the forest. they are running as if retreating from some entity, it is soon made clear.

they are being pursued, shadowy figures could be seen gaining ground on the cloaked magi. on all four limbs they ran becoming ever closer to their chosen prey.

savage barks and snarls come from the creatures as they ran, deeper into the forest, as if they were driving the red tear to a specific spot, a mistake that would cost this group of necromancers dearly as from either side in a flash of gnashing teeth and rending claws.....all was quiet again except for the sounds of the forest at night and the shrill note of the wolves howl.
Rothek HowlingFang
Den-father of the Howling Fang tribe.
friend and ally of the dwarves of Killeshandra.