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a trip to woodhaven

rothek trudged along through the woods, sniffing the air at what would to be be random moments, but in fact he was following a trail. after some travel he emerged from the edge of the forest and came to woodhaven, more specifically the hospital.

Rothek knew this was where Orien spent most of her time healing the injured and tending to the sick. the beast hoped to see her and be greeted by her warm smile, but he knew that would not happen because of the recent disappearance. rothek came to a small clearing near the courtyard and watched as the people went about their days, he didnt get to close though, last time he visited orien at the orphanage he had scared one half to death just by chuffing. he still felt bad about that.

so he sat watching,out of view of the orphans who were playing outside. as avoid any further accidents.
Rothek HowlingFang
Den-father of the Howling Fang tribe.
friend and ally of the dwarves of Killeshandra.