Mourning a Fallen Friend

Townsmen with the shakes huddle around the glowing embers of what may have been a roaring fire. Speak quick, lest thee be to long in the open!

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Mourning a Fallen Friend

Fionna, back from what should have been her normal collecting session, is much more solemn than usual. A small tear falls from her eye. The young woman, though full of sorrow, also seems full of determination. Her basket is filled with herbs and flowers.

At a moment like this, she would normally be seen in her traveling attire, including her still present tartan. Instead, she is in all her finest, circlet, jewels and all.

Slowly, she approaches a large, well placed, pile of timbers. Atop the pile is a form, wrapped in a blanket, sword lain over the top. She carefully lays her herbs and flowers around the form. Tears fill her eyes.

"I will miss you dear friend. You were my ally, mentor, and friend. I can not image how these last few moons would have been without you by my side. You died an honorable death, protecting what you believed in. One can never ask for anything more."

Tears begin to flow more freely now.

She turns with determination, and heads back to where all have gathered to let them know the funeral is ready.
Fionna MacNeil
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Dallid travels through the lands of Haven, posting identical letters and reading them to those who ask:

Dear People of Haven

I write this letter knowing that my final days are upon me. I have lived a long life and look forward to the rest that lies ahead for me. But I feel sorrow for having to leave you knowing that there are so many trials ahead in which I cannot aide you.

A darkness approaches Phantarra. Regis Mortum has awoken and with every day he grows in power. His followers assemble and plan for the return of their master. Never has the night seemed so imminent.

But look to the people around you. In each one of them there is a light that can fight off the darkness. In each of us there is but a small light but together we shine brighter than any shadow. When we work together we can overcome any obstacle and surpass even our wildest expectations. However in order to do so we must make sacrifices.

We must sacrifice ourselves. We must eliminate that portion of our beings that tells us to take our own needs above the needs of others. We must forgive the people around us even if it hurts us to do so for those will be the people in which we will need to lean on in the future.

The good news is that I already see the people of Haven doing these things every day. I see people showing forgiveness and helping those around them when there is no gain to be had. I have faith that we are on the path to success.

I have shared many good memories with you all, too many to write here. You made me feel like part of a family and for that I cannot thank you enough. Knowing you has brought me a greater joy than I have ever known and I cherish the time we have spent together. It has been a privilege and an honor.

May you stand against the darkness and never fall.

Franchesco DeLemuerte

Dallid then travels to seven of the most needy families and gives each seven silver coins, with the words “Sir Franchesco wishes you better fortunes. May his gift provide aid in these trying times.”

To four passing children he hands each a single copper. “From the late Sir Franchesco, who wishes you joy.”

With the old Knight’s message delivered and his moneys distributed, Dallid arrives at the funeral pyre.
Learn the past. Observe the present. Guide the future.
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off in the woods a long howl was carried across the wind. this howl was answered by another much closer to the funeral pyre as rothek stepped in the clearing and stood near dallid.
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~: Things...were different. He could feel that much. Even if he didn't understand it as well as others. Sure he and Francesco had never had an amount of time to sit down and chat. Or enjoy some old tales of valor and glory. His last memories of Francesco was the man looking down on him, pity in his eyes at the conundrum that had been Legion's return. :~

~: As he leaned against a convenient tree he tried to recall memories of Francesco from before 2 moons ago...and found himself unable. An ache thrumbed between his ears, another mental block that just wasn't his to look at. So he held onto what little he could, what he had seen of the courageous elderly knight before he had met his end. :~

~: He watched the funeral pyre, standing solemn and strong to carry it's burden across the stars to it's final resting place. He couldn't help but wonder just how those last moments had gone. He'd made up his mind that Francesco knew he had been going to his end against Ashearth. But he probably did it the way he did everything Legion had seen. With stubborn pride and determination to see things through. :~

"Damnit Francesco...why'd you have to go...."
"Seek the truth. Behold the truth. Reveal the truth. That is the law and the whole of the law."
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**Noble walks into the area followed by six cloaked and hooded figures of smaller stature. **

"Many have stood against me and ranted against me and my kind in public, only to seek aide with whispers in the corner. To be sure there was no hidden side to this man. True iron, and a man worthy of our respects. His vision of life was not one of reality, but he stayed true to his believed calling and promises. I considered him an enemy, but still children there is room for respect of a worthy fallen foe such as him. Glad I didn't know ya in your prime old man."

**Noble reaches inside of his coat and draws out a single black rose and whispers something to it and places it on Francesco's chest. He walks over and sits next to his now long time companion legion. As he sits the six cloaked figures approach each bearing an identicle black rose to Noble's and proceed to leave their flowers with the man **
"We're not the heroes they need....we're the heroes they deserve;"....LEGION.

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