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mourning the lost.

traveling through the forest the trees were somewhat of a reprieve from the storm but it didnt seem to matter seeing how the beast was already soaked to the skin. rothek didnt stop even though his drenched coat was heavy and made even walking a chore. he turned and saw the lights of the town far behind him and so was civilization, the beast sank to the ground moving on all fours. shaking the rain from his coat as he moved through the wilderness, untill he came to a hill that over looked haven. he could still hear the child like laughter in his mind. he wished it would stop, mary was dead. she needed to stay dead. this form she had taken was an insult to life.

the lightning flashed and lit the hill for split second, but it was long enough to show what he had been carrying between his teeth. a single flower. it was white. rothek had picked from near the castle. the flower was white because in his mind it represented the dead girl because of the valkyn vi were a pale white so it only made sense to the beastman.
so here at the top of the hill rothek placed the flower and then stood on both feet.

the rain had subsided and the moon came out shining down on the city. looking down a single tear ran down from the beast eye before he shook reared his head and lifted it letting out a long sad howl that could be heard through out forest and well into the borders of haven.
Rothek HowlingFang
Den-father of the Howling Fang tribe.
friend and ally of the dwarves of Killeshandra.