To Pray and Prepare

Townsmen with the shakes huddle around the glowing embers of what may have been a roaring fire. Speak quick, lest thee be to long in the open!

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Post Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:53 am

*Korrigan's approval is evident as Aurora speaks.*

"First off, apology accepted and given in kind. Sorry if I came off as threatening. Second, no matter how this goes down, I'm gonna make sure the people don't suffer. Anybody who wants to take from the common folk is just a corpse I haven't killed yet."

*Korrigan gives Aurora a wink and a grin.*

"For the record, THAT was a threat."

*Laughing, he continues down the trail.*

"As to the rest, I feel the same way. From what I've heard some "new information" came up and made Esmerelda rethink Abaddon's pardon. Sunny was on the warpath and the Queen let her handle it. That's where she fucked up. If she was going to take back the pardon she should have told Abaddon and given him the chance to clear out. After that, whatever goes down between him and Sunny is their business.

I don't think she tricked Abaddon and then sent assassins after him, I think she got worried that Abaddon might be up to something and second-guessed her pardon. That's on her and Sunny, but I'm not sure that this incident makes her untrustworthy. Screw up once and you can't be trusted? Hell, if that's the standard we're all shit out of luck."

*Korrigan takes a drink.*

"Now, I get that people have a problem with what went down, and that's fair, but I don't get how all of this comes down on Fionna. She didn't make that decision, and I don't buy into the whole "guilt by association" thing either. Just like before, if that was the standard poor Kami would be guilty of everything Abaddon did. Fionna's good with the people and no more of an asshole than the rest of us, so why the big issue now? No one said word one to Esmerelda last moon, but as soon as she's gone they come down on Fionna like she's in league with Regis Mortem? I don't buy it. I think some people want to hold folks accountable for the Abaddon mess, but other folk are drummin' this up to make a play for power."

*Korrigan looks to Rothek, Cariel, Lucinda and Ark as he asks a question of the entire group.*

"What do you guys think? Should we tear down the whole Kingdom 'cause the Queen fucked this one up? Should we go against her wishes and replace Lady Fionna? Where the hell did this whole voting thing come from?"

*He trails off, letting the questions hang in the air.*
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Post Fri Aug 19, 2011 10:40 am

*rothek's ears twitched again as he listened to both korrigan and aurora, honestly he was completely oblivious to how the political system worked and really could care less. but it seemed important to the people here so he thought for a moment then shook his head*

"if den parent gone, alpha take over. esmel... esreld... esmerl.... den mother.. have to leave so fionna become den mother for now.

rothek not know what a voting is, but loud one called brey want that."

*the beast snorted and shook making the deer on his shoulder wobble*

"rothek help korgan to protect."
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*Aurora follows Korrigan down the trail.*

Who in the fuck is the Sunny I keep hearing about? Who put their hand in her hornet's nest to get her all riled up like that? She a witch-hunter or just another blood-thristy ass in this case bitch?

*She looks at him with a wink*

I wouldn't have fucked up the job, the then again I've been trained in the ways since I could basically walk, but it's also a family occupation.

Speaking of asses....why was Ash allowed to reside here? I saw him after that battle on the day of the wedding rejoice because a witch-hunter had fallen but because he can hide behind a few skirts I didn't off him even though it is the correct thing to do. I've been trying to wrap my head around that warped decision as well.

Why didn't Esmerelda ask for assistance from like yourself, Serth or Gabrielle to find a cure instead of leaving the place in flux like this?

What is going to be the fallout of this whole Abaddon mess? Who do you think is making a play for power?
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Post Fri Aug 19, 2011 5:59 pm

Ark ponders for a moment.

"As far as current events are concerned, my take on things are as follows.
-Esmerelda is Queen, and has left Korrigan and Fiona in charge in her absence, no question, debate, or power struggle about it.
-If Esmerelda wanted and allowed Sunny, Serith, and Gabriel to attack others, then it was no different than if she had ordered them, it was not murder, or attempted murder, it was an execution order by the queen."

He nods to himself mostly

"I know my feelings are shared not only by myself, but by some of the Magistrates. there is no struggle, and there is still law, any who break it will face fair punishment."
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Post Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:21 pm

"I would rather withhold my opinions as I have not the experience to make an informed one, but I am not accustomed to going against the wishes of my superiors. Giving advice and voicing an opinion is synonymous with duty, but my master has told me the only sin you face in a coup is failure."
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The young pup chewed on her lip before speaking up softly.

"Cariel will do as Master says, but Cariel and Master wish to not break their home."

She smiled shyly.

"Cariel trusts Korrigan. Cariel does not know Miss Fiona, but if Master trusts her, Cariel will too."
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