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Crafting an Answer

Inside the darkness of the forge a figure can be seenworking the bellows to one of the forges pumping them to heat the metal to near melting, much hotter than one would work the metal normally. If one were to listen carefully they can hear Jonny muttering under his breathe appearently thinking out loud. Just before the metal begins to sag, he pulls it from the fires, runs across the room to the quenching area, and through a curtained off doorway. The sound of liquid brought to an immediate boil sounds through the building as the hammer is dunked into a barely glimsed bucket on the other side. The forging area fills with a smell uncommon to the quenching process as steel is hardened to near diamond strength.

Jonny opens the curtain as he starts testing the newest item off his anvil. after a few minutes he trows it across the room, bouncing it off the wall to land in a growing pile of various weapons, all of which appear to be of exceptional quality.

SHIT! What the hell am I missing?

Shaking his head, he grabs another chunk of steel, mutters about needing to resmelt the others soon and starts to work again.
Jonny Tremaine,
Master smith of little renown

Pity those that choose not REDEMPTION,
For their deaths shall not be swift.