Gift to the heavens

Townsmen with the shakes huddle around the glowing embers of what may have been a roaring fire. Speak quick, lest thee be to long in the open!

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Gift to the heavens

Outside the Inn, a man can be seen gathering the dead. Since many of the elves are gone, it leaves friends and allies. The Obsidian Court, Roderick's men, the Dwarves.

A cloud of crows circle over head to take the essence of the dead across the tapestry, to reenter the cycle of magic. Even now the bodies decay, giving life to nature around them.

The Crow Shaman, spreads out the bodies for the crows to devour, gathering the maggots for his bag as he goes. Their deaths were not in vain, because Haven lived. Their bodies become energy and sustenance for those who are still alive. They are consumed so that they will be a part of living, remembered for all time.
"The maggots devour the dead flesh, and leave the living clean. Death is a natural part of life."
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Zeira approaches the area

"Strange. You are giving them all an Aviana funeral. I guess it's not bad seeing that nobody has come to claim the bodies."

He takes a look around at all the bodies and shakes his head

"Why do you do this for them? You personally? I know someone should do something but what drove you to perform this ceremony for them? You know none of them..."

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