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While tempers flared and public policy was being debated in the Tipsy Traveler, out in the woods a small fire burned, filling the air with the scent of herbs. Spread out on the ground in front of the fire was a large spread of Sylvani fortune telling cards, in a pattern so large it utilized almost the entire deck.
Peering at her reading, a haggard- eyed Esmerelda addresses the air in front of her, as if conversing with someone unseen.

"I'm sorry. It seems like I've been telling you that a lot lately. I can't believe it's already almost been a year. I didn't think that this is where we'd be now when the year began. I lost focus. I forgot what was important. But I promise you, no more forgetting. I will give myself a reminder."

Digging in her backpack, she removes a bundle of herbs and a pair of sewing shears. Talking one last look at her cards, she tosses the bundle of plants in the fire and begins to speak in a low tone, her anger and fury barely contained.

"In the name of my ancestors and all the Sylvani, I call a curse of vengence down upon you, Corbyn Gravesbane and the usurpers you gave our land to. For Donovan. For Voralen. For Connor. For Sen. For Delayne. For Durgan. For Roland. For Andovan..." Each name is accompanied by a snip of the shears and a curl is thrown into the flame. She goes on reciting her litany of all the dead of Haven and the village, saving her most precious name for last.

"For Aeric." She takes the shears and drives the point into the palm of her hand, letting it bleed freely into the fire.

"By flesh and blood I call vengence. The elves will not keep Haven as their prize. It is time to start taking back what is ours."

Tossing one last plant in the fire, she turns over the last card to complete her spread. Beholding the white rose in the background, she smiles.

"Vengence will be ours."
Lady Esmerelda Harrison,
Queen of the Kingdom of Haven

"What if in order to save everything you hold dear, you have to become everything you hate?"