Excerpts from The Thousand sayings of Dien’Shi’Kotor.

Townsmen with the shakes huddle around the glowing embers of what may have been a roaring fire. Speak quick, lest thee be to long in the open!

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Excerpts from The Thousand sayings of Dien’Shi’Kotor.

Excerpts from The Thousand sayings of Dien’Shi’Kotor, Sen’s God Mother.

“All Men want Power,Money, and Love. These are often the same.”

“Kings, are but men, only more so.”

“Battles should be fought over dinner.”

“Never ask your enemies to bend the knee, it puts them too close to your Achilles tendon.”

“Fear not the enemy that threatens. Fear the enemy that smiles, and bows.”

“Conquering armies do not kill the staff. There are always crops to take in and dishes to do.”

“Youth and Talent can not defeat age and treachery.”

“Trust no one. Not even yourself. We are always our own worst enemies.”

“Hate is like love. If someone hates you, you can use that to drive them.”

“It is better to stand behind the throne, than to sit upon it. There is simply more to hide behind.”


“When the candles go out, that first instant of darkness is the blackest.”

“When a weapon has been broken, it is never as strong as it once was. It becomes an entirely different kind of tool.”

“If it wasn’t painfully difficult, it wasn’t done right.”

“The wisest one in the world is the one who knows nothing.”

“If it ain’t broke, you haven’t tried hard enough.”

“No plan survives encounter with the enemy.”

“Pick your opponents as carefully as you pick your friends.”

“The goal is to outlive everyone else.”

“It’s good to be in charge, it’s better to be unnoticed.”
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* Wylen listings to Sin as he speaks with a trained ear. *

"So true are those statement Sin, she is a very wise lady to impart them to you. To bad some of us never understand most of what you said. An when we do it is only at the end of our final moments. '

*Wylen stops fro a few moments to reflex on things, than he smiles warmly.*

"Sin could we talk about somethings? I am still try to get a foothold in to why this place is as it is. An you seem to have a great understanding of the people whom live here an all the land around here. And so if you could enlighten myself on this place I would be indebted to you."

*Wylen set's there an awaits Sin reply.*
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"I am a new comer here myself. I have only been here for the better part of a year. I wish I knew these people better. I have learned only this, if yourself useful you are welcomes, if you make yoursekf unwelcomed, you usually end up dead. They will never give up, or give. And they only rarely take the easy way out." Sen says with a small bow. "I try to make everyone feel welcome, as I was welcomed."
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