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End of Year Feast!

The Inn will be hosting it's annual feast, prepared by Chef Eli the "well we couldn't find anyone else so he'll have to do!"

The feast will include lots of food see descriptions bellow!

There will ALSO be games and prize again this year followed by an auction hosted by the Vikings of FATE!

The food plan for the month:

Coming: October 13, 2018
Ladies, Gentlemen, Dwarfs, & Elves, oh and all you other unsavory types!
Let it be known that on Saturday the 13th of the Tenth Moon of this year 1063 PEW as we Phantaran’s recon the years, the inn shall be having our second annual feast to celebrate the survivors of Phantara and our new hosts the Solarians. They have opened their lands and accepted we refugees into their homes, finding food and shelter to keep us going in these new lands.
The cost for the weekend meal plan is $10.00 for the event and is as follows:
Breakfast: Served about 30 minute after I get my ass out of bed! So… figure somewhere around 8:30 to 9:30 and will go for one hour after I start or 10:30, whichever is later.
I will be serving: Egg casserole (consisting of eggs/cheese/meat maybe a couple veggies if I feel like it), Fresh Fruit (whatever I find!), toast with butter and or strawberry jam, and everyone’s favorite Eli Cakes this time with the option of CHOCOLATE Chips and whip cream!!! (You’re welcome!)
Snacks: Will be put out throughout the day for anyone that is participating in the meal.
Snacks will consist of whatever’s left over from Breakfast and whatever else I feel like putting out.
FEAST: The feast will be promptly served at 5:30, unless I’m dead or out trying to save the world and can’t get back.
I will be serving for the feast a mixture of goodies: Ham, “Cheesy-Creamy Mashed Potatoes” (it’s just what it sounds like, mashed potatoes with cheese and sour cream cooked in, trust me it’s yummy), Corn, Green Beans, Rolls, and Cake w/ or w/o Ice Cream.
I may update and change this as time goes by as I’m buying / looking for good deals on the food over the next few weeks. Please let me know if you’re going to participate. We’re asking for cash to cover the costs of the meal, but as always if you really can’t afford to chip in talk to Eli and he’ll see what we can do. Since I get no in game benefit to doing the meal plan other than your undying love and admiration TIPS will be accepted and strongly suggested ;)
Drinks: Tea, Coffee, Pop, bar squeezing, and water will be for sale for in game money and oog money. I’m working on buying up in period cups atm and planning to have them for people at the event to use if possible otherwise I’m buying disposables and asking people to NOT leave them lying around. THANKS!
-Eli (Full Elvish: Elaith Vonaduran Craulnober)

There once was a man named Eli,
A man who claimed he could not die.
But one thing makes him wail:
That's when there is no ALE!
Thus his tale: with no beer, he will cry.

(The dark haired, green eyed mage child has faded into the past leaving behind one not quite an adult, but clearly no longer a child. The warrior-mage mixture that he has become can only be described as a survivor. )