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Unlearning skills

Mon Nov 10, 2003 10:15 am

I read the unlearning skills and have some questions.

You state it basicly takes 2 sessions to unlearn a skill and learn a new one.

I see that being to long especialy if you want to unlearn and re learn a new disapline. And at level 20 + that is the only way to get different skills.

How does this sound you can unlearn 1 level of a skill (the highest first) and the points that are freed up can to spend in the same period of time the skill was unlearned. The reason for this is we only have 3-4 session a year and alows a small change up. It still would take 4 sessions to unlearn and learn a new dispaline.

What do you think?

Mon Nov 10, 2003 6:30 pm

Yes and no. Depending on if you used the skill in question during the event. Thats what causes the lag. For example you go into an event as a 4th level assasin. You 'ToD' everyone you see. During the event your Armour gets trashed, and needs repair, but no-one is around to do it. You cannot decide to unlearn 4th lvl ToD, and learn !st lvl Craftsman, just so you can repair your own armour during the following event. Thats what creates the Lag. Now say the same Character was a 4th lvl Alchemist, and thinks to themselves. You know, I havent made a 4th lvl potion yet. Why am I waisting that level? And decide to 'unlearn' Alchemy lvl 4, and 'learn' Craftsman lvl 1, then assuming the skill wasnt used during the prior event, then yes you could do both between the events.
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