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Quality Shields and Helmets

Questions 1 – Does a quality helmet give any bonus? Right now the only bonus is if you build a lighter helmet than what the fisrep is. Aka a plate helmet (heavy armor) only being counted as (medium armor). What about when you do not want a lighter quality helmet, is there any other bonuses?

Quality Shields
I like the idea of the craftsman being able to make shield and quality shields. Below is my idea for shield making. Material is what is required to make the shield. Time is what it would take a 4th level craftsman to make the shield. Damage is the amount of damage the shield can take before it is destroyed. (Note the damage has to happen in one hit). Armor Increase lets you know if the shield increases ones armor rating by one or not.

Material-Time (hrs)-Damage-Armor Increase

Wood 5 -2-5-no

Quality Buckler -
Metal 5-100-10-no

Shield (wood)-
Wood 10-4-10-Yes +1

Shield (metal)-
Metal 10-4-15-Yes +1

Quality Shield(wood)-
Wood 10-200-10-no

Quality Shield (Metal)-
Metal 10-200-20-Yes +1

What do you think??
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