Post Mon Nov 15, 2004 2:34 pm

Events Next Year

The move to Ionia is official. I attempted to have at least one week off between CARPS and FH events and was only 50% successful, but they reserve things quick out there. As a note, prices will hopefully remain the same for next year, but this is contingent upon keeping our numbers up. We are the least expensive LARP around (probably in the world) and are hoping to stay that way, but figure we need a bare minimum of 30 people an event. Below that we will most likely raise prices or move back to Brighton which would be significantly cheaper once they complete the new 20 person cabin. The new site is fantastic so spread the word and bring more people!

The Event Dates for next year are:

April 1-3
July 22-24
Sept 30-Oct2
Nov 4-6

If you need directions or want to check out their website, it is