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Possible Path Rule Changes

Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:10 am

Possible rules changes that have been dicussed

Upkeep Magic Items
The Empath can trade in a mystic resource for 4 magic component tags. These component tags are used by the Empath to upkeep and maintain magical items.

The surgery skill only works on a target that is critically injured (below zero life points). Surgery can be used to heal negative life that is at negative 10 or lower The healer can heal up to 10 life points through the use of this skill. The healer may choose the number of life points healed as long as the total healed does not push the target’s total life points above zero. It takes one minute to perform the surgery skill. While surgery is underway the target stops bleeding to death. Upon completion, the target remains unconscious until they are brought
to a positive life point total. A Healer can heal an additional 9 life points while performing surgery but there is a risk of death. To heal these additional 9 life points, the healer must first have a "Healer's bag". The healer’s bag is an out of game pouch that contains 10 red and white markers or chips. The bag must contain at least one red chip and at least one white chip. The healer's bag is also used in the resurrection process. For surgery, Chips are taken from the bag at a rate of one per minute. A white chip heals 1 life point while a red chip instantly kills the patient. Up to 3 additional surgeons can assist. When a surgeon assists they can offer their Healer’s bag to the injured person. The injured subject must pick the chips from the bag offered to him. The drawing of chips from the healer’s bag is meant to simulate the effects of a very critical and delicate surgery. Once a chip is drawn, it is not returned to the bag until the surgery is completed.

Finally, if the surgeon can reach a target within 15 seconds of that target dying, they can resuscitate them. The target will be at –15 life points or the total they were at when they died, whichever is lower. This is true even for those who were given a killing blow. This skill is restricted to medium armor.

Recall – Not sure if the new sage hint will be implemented or not?
A Sage may receive a hint to a plot or puzzle. To receive a hint the Sage needs to be out of combat for 15 minutes and then find either a moment when a game master running the plot is not busy, or go to NPC camp to receive a hint. Sages may work collectively if they all have the Recall skill. The Sages then spend 15 minutes together and then come together to get their hint. This will give the Sages a better hint than they would receive if working alone. Up to three Sages
may work collectively for a hint. After a hint is given additional time spent will not give any new hints of that same level.

With this skill the Sage may mimic ANY first level Discipline or Basic Path skill except for wilderness survival, Alchemy, and Arcane. It takes 5 minutes to receive the skill, but the skill lasts until the Sage mimics a different skill. Any armor restrictions of the mimicked skill still apply.

Hold Ground
When hold ground is initiated the warrior gains 10 temporary life points, and all melee attacks delivered to the front side of the warrior that deal damage to the warrior's armor or life points are reduced to 1 point. This damage is taken off armor first even if the attack is "vorpal" (See pg.84). In addition, fear, sleep, poison, disease, knockout, and press effects do not affect the warrior; instead they take one damage, taken from armor first. The warrior also becomes immune to taunt. Attacks to the rear of the warrior affect the warrior as they normally would. While hold ground is active, the warrior cannot use other charged or activated skills except for "resist" skills such as “Resist Magic” or “Resist Poison”. While holding ground warriors cannot move their feet. At the end of hold ground, the warrior’s life point total is reduced to zero life points or remains at its current total if it is less than zero life points.

Defensive Matrix
A Warrior may spend 1 life point to activate defensive matrix. While using defensive matrix, a Warrior’s offensive damage is reduced to zero and they can only use the following skill parry and any resist skill (resist magic etc…); however, all incoming frontal melee damage is reduced by 1 point. Also, you must be on your feet to use this skill. Skill can not used if you are laying down.

The Sage, through study, knows the tactics involved in surviving battle. The Sage gains 1 combat reflex. In addition, the Sage may regain this bonus armor point if it is lost simply by resting for 5 minutes. While resting, the Sage may not engage in any strenuous activity such as combat or the use of skills. This ability may be used in conjunction with combat reflexes.

Combat Reflexes
Warriors knows how to take blows and avoid them, thus making them tougher to defeat in battle. These combat reflexes are simulated through the use of armor points. A Warrior receives 2 points of armor from this skill that combine with all other armor gaining skills. Armor points
gained through this skill are not counted when calculating armor category and a physical representation of the armor does not need to be worn. In addition, armor points gained through this skill can be regained if the Warrior rests for 5 minutes. While resting, the Warrior cannot use any other skill, be under the effects of any healing skill or spell, or perform strenuous actions.
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Tue Feb 19, 2008 3:19 pm

This is a side note but still a question about change, are we in any way going to do those 'pro' or 'elite' paths or skills where you can get them when you're a high level or any of those types of skills discussed a while ago?

Tue Feb 19, 2008 6:18 pm

2 questions for the above rules...

1 - if there was such a big discussion over the power of Defensive Matrix, why make it better.. as much as i would like to see it printed as above, I would keep the ability to parry while in DM out.. although I do like the ability to use resists.. and the no lying down part is fine.

2 - Tactics? I don't see any change in that skill? also I am still of the mind that Sages should just get the skill Combat Reflexes in place of Tactics.. Why ever was a new skill made for an advanced path when a current skill is already in existence and just as good I will never know.

Tue Feb 19, 2008 7:12 pm

Tatics was changed to give combat reflexes instead of armor points

Defensive matrix has been being player that you could use resist and parry while you use DM. It just never got in the rule book. The skill would be a negative if you could not use parry or resists while DM.

Wed Feb 20, 2008 11:00 am

I never understood giving the sage 1 instead of 2, it never made sense. Maybe theres some balance issue I'm completely missing but it seems like they should get 2 atleast. You slide over to warrior at basic and they get 2 and sage advanced gets 1? Seems all wrong to me and the flexibility aspect doesn't come close to making up for the difference..

Wed Feb 20, 2008 11:16 am

As it looks Combat Reflexes isn't actually a category (nor is it in the glossary)...

Well, not as far as skill are concerned since they all give armor. However, in Armor Points it does refer to them and surprising to me that Combat Reflexes (and enhancements) is taken away before actual armor... neat.

So the real question becomes, do we make Combat Reflexes it's own category since everyone treats it as such already? It would simplify the rulebook since you wouldn't need the huge explanation of how it works in every skill and could put that in the General Armor Points section.

As for Sage getting 2, that's fine. Plus then you can just call the skill Combat Reflexes.

Wed Feb 20, 2008 11:23 am

I like it!

Wed Feb 20, 2008 11:35 am

me too. you know I'm for defined rules!

Wed Feb 20, 2008 5:37 pm

I of course am all about keeping things within the current rules rather than making new skills..So i say get rid of the "Tactics" skill and replace it with the "Combat Reflexes" skill.

As for Defensives Matrix.. I have never heard nor played that you can use Resists or Parry while in it DM.. It says quite explicity in the rule that you can use no other skills while in it.. and I still find it quite useful at times. Being able to use Parry and resists would be great, but I think that qould make the skill a bit too much, but that is my opinion.

Wed Feb 20, 2008 5:46 pm

Being a badass knight and running from a fear effect due to blocking damage seems kinda lame. Or a Witch Hunter getting offed by a 30 boom while being a meat shield.

It's been tested and hasn't ever been overpowered. Instead of sacrificing all your other defenses you merely eliminate any offense.
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