Yet another Empath question

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Yet another Empath question

I have read in the forum that an empath may channel through a fist phys-rep, but no mention was made on whether or not a character may channel through any other type of weapon. If this was made clear in the rulebook, I missed it.

Can an empath channel through a weapon? If so, is there a max length (ie. no booming pikemen)?
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I think the point of the idea of charging through a fist phys-rep was that an empath would use their hands in the first place. Letting the boom explode inches from your hand is what I imagine if one were to use a fist phys-rep in releasing that kind of damage.

So, unless I am mistaken in it's concept. I feel the use of weapons *which a fist phys-rep isn't a detached weapon....atleast not normally* would not be allowed for boom charging.
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a normal weapon cannot be used to channel a boom through it.

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