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Spell packets

can spell packets be like a pouch of birdseed tied off with a ribbon or rubber band? or do they have to be sewed? Cause I've seen others here and other larps where they have that kind? Are they legal?
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I think the sewn type hold up better and that is why its done. The rubber band type should be legal. Those are the type I'm making, hopefully they are :)
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The sewn squares are the ones typicaly seen at FH and WH because the GM staff and many players there feel they are easier to see and better felt when they hit; but that has more to do with how much they are filled with than sewn or not sewn.

I am also used to the "hobo bag" style of packet and have seen large versions of those used at both WH and FH.

They only ones Ive ever seen turned down were the ones I filled with rocks and bolts. They did however keep them so be wary during the eleven invasion, if the elves start losing they may break those out.
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After Katie was pegged in the eye, a general rule was stated that packets must be soft and pretty much fill the palm of your hand (about 3x3 roughly). The "tied-off" style were generally disapproved of, but that's because most of the tied-off ones were pretty hard (their construction usually has people tying them closer to the wad of seed, thus they are harder and they kept getting smaller and smaller (some were barely an inch across and fit snuggly in your eye socket when tossed.) If you're going to make the tied-off style, my suggestion would be to leave space between the seed and the tie so that it can be soft.

The sewn packets are preferred by most everyone (especially those who get hit) and really don't take much time at all to make. You're bassically throwing a ball of birdseed at someone, as opposed to a floppy square packet. If you ask around here, there's folks who'd be willing to make them for you pretty cheap, I'm sure.

This comes from someone who neither throws nor has been hit by packets. I assume throwers would prefer the round type, but for being hit, what is less uncomfortable? The Round "tied" or the Square packet?
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