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If you were to taunt someone would they have to basically charge at you in a sense or is it they can only attack you? In other words would their sole attention only be on you and not very aware of their soundings, for example say a trap?

Also If that someone who was taunted ran into a said trap set by the one who did the taunting, does it still count as someone else attacking it thus ending the taunt or must they still continue to the one who has taunted them?
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as soon as they are hit, no damage has to be done, the taunt effect is gone.
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They only need to concentrate on you. This means they can still use all their skills and be as defensive or offensive as they wish.

After being hit by anything other than you, traps included, the taunt is broken. Of course if they see the trap they can avoid it.

This does beg the question, if the trap is triggered by the taunter, is the damage from the taunter or the trap? Off hand, I'd say the trap is it's own source of damage just to be simple.
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