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2007 assassin and research changes...the last ones...really

Level 2: Escape Artist
By spending a Life point, an Assassin may escape any single regular bond or limb restraining device such as shackles or handcuffs (like a magician slipping out of handcuffs). In addition they may spend 5 minutes to escape from the Interrogator's inescapable bonds.

Any character that has the Escape Artist skill more than one time may escape from regular bonds instantly by spending an uninterupted five seconds OR spending a life point. Additionally, the character may spend a life point to instantly escape from the Interrogator's inescapable bonds.

Level 4: Touch of death
The assassin may append the damage call "vorpal" to their next melee attack that contains a number. For example, an assassin could append "vorpal" to a damage call of "one" making it "one vorpal" or to a call of "1 poison" making it "1 vorpal poison", or even to a call of "3 Knockout" making it "3 vorpal Knockout". Touch of Death takes an uninterrupted 30 count to charge and once charged can only be used against its intended target. The charge time for Touch of Death is in addition to any charge time required for the base attack that Touch of Death will be applied to. If the Assassin is hit prior to striking, they lose the charged Touch of Death attack. Touch of Death cannot be used in conjunction with "crush" damage. This skill is limited to light armor or less.

This ability allows the sage to research legends, lore, and other plot related items in between events. Only one thing can be researched at a time, there are no fixed time costs for research, and the sage is not guaranteed to learn anything. In addition, the sage can conduct research in conjunction with a master (level 4) craftsman, Alchemist, or Arcane to devolpe new items, potions, or spells. If the Sage is also a master in one of these fields, they may conduct research on their own. In order to conduct research of any kind, the sage must submit a reserach request to the GM staff.