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I like the rule updates. They work very Well.

Question on the trap clarification. Under the new rule one could not put 3 traps on a door that would go off when different actions are done.
Trap 1 - Trap goes off when picking the lock
Trap 2 - goes off when turning the door knob
Trap 3 - goes off when opening the door

I can understand if 3 traps go off in the same area, one would only take 1 trap damage. Is that what you are trying to say with the clarification.

Another use for traps are for defense. In the new rules one could not set traps in a single area and have them rigid to go off with with 2 secs delays between them doing alot of damage in a small area. Now you only can have 1 trap in an area, period.


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We're actually still discussing traps for further clarification. Stay tuned
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Only one trap could be on the door because of the new 'ten feet apart' rule, but one trap could probably have multiple triggers.

What the rules are setting forward is that you can't have a line of traps all on the same trigger so if one goes they all go at the same time. But, like Mike said... We'll double check. Stay tuned.
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Any updates on this topic??

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