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2007 New Discipline: Diplomat

Diplomat (Privileged, common)

Lvl1: Read/Write
2 additional languages.

lvl2: Aquire
The diplomat receives 1 supplies and 1 secondary resource of their choice at the start of each event

Lvl3: Entourage
The Diplomat often gathers followers such as servants, henchmen, peasants, etc. This entourage increases the Diplomat's ability to manage their personal affairs as well as the affairs of any organization the Diplomat belongs to. The Diplomat counts as two people when determining the membership of an organization.

Lvl4: Negotiate
The Diplomat is a master of negotiations and manipulation. The Diplomat may modify the stability of one production source (their own or that of another group) up or down by 50%. This modification is not permanent. Any modifications must be maintained every event by the Diplomat. A stability rating cannot be raised above 100% and cannot be lowered below 0%